Sunday, January 9, 2011

Richard Estes (May 14, 1932)

Telephone Booths

When I was a few years old and first looking upon and thinking about paintings, I surmised that artists must be striving towards capturing, point-by-point, the exact image of their study. Yet, when I happened upon Photorealists, I was somehow disappointed: I was either upset that the heights of art were already realized or that they elicited such an unenthusiastic response from me. But, as I've grown older, Photorealism, while not reaching the promised heights of my childhood conception, seems to me a beautiful statementor if you're so inclined, indictmenton the aesthetics of modern times. Richard Estes is one of the most renowned artists of the style. 

Circus Drive-In

Broadway Bus on Liberty Street

Victory Theater

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