Saturday, December 11, 2010

Howard Pyle (March 5, 1853 – November 9, 1911)

Joan of Arc

Though his student, Maxfield Parrish, may be the best known American illustrator, Howard Pyle is probably the greatest. Actually, I prefer Parrish, who I'll be sure to feature soon, but it's Pyle's unbelievable  influence on the world's illustration scene that makes him so much more important than the strange and wonderful Parrish. 


Guarded by Rough English Soldiers 

Do you know an American magazine called Harper's Monthly? There are things in it which strike me dumb with admiration, including sketches of a Quaker town in the olden days by Howard Pyle.

- Vincent van Gogh, in a letter to his brother, Theo
quoted in N.C. Wyeth: A Biography

Attack on a Galleon

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