Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eugène Boudin (July 12, 1824 – August 8, 1898)

c. 1860-1865

The sky is a capricious subject, which artists have long strained to capture. And it is a subject that has a great deal of meaning for Man; inevitably all sorts of emotions and ideas have been collected into that great something known, long ago, as Ouranos. And Boudin, out of a tremendous and grand group of artists, is often considered the greatest sky-painter. Even the fantastic Corot had said to Boudin, after gazing at his works, "You are the master of the sky." And it is no small additional note that Monet found pleasure and profit in studying at Boudin's studio. But, what do you think: the master of the sky?

Sky at Sunset
c. 1890

Cherbourg, the Port

Cows in the Pasture

A Squall from Northwest

Boats at Anchor Along the Shore
c. 1880-1885

The Effect of Moonlight or St. Valery Canal

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