Monday, April 11, 2011

Guy Pène du Bois (January 4, 1884 – July 18, 1958)

Opera Box

I often talk about artists that are generally neglected, but Bois is a particularly egregious case of neglect in today's art circles. In his lifetime, Bois was a well-known painter and art critic, who championed the Ashcan School of art, which had produced him and contributed to his early style, as well as other prominent artists, many themselves somehow evolved from that wonderful Ashcan style, such as Bois's dear friend Hopper. Furthermore, Bois was to some extent a wonderful culmination of many important artists in the American pantheon, such as Robert Henri and Childe Hassam; and, beyond being a  simple summation, his art also took on many novel aspects. But where is Bois? Bois is forgotten. 

The Reception
c.  1916

Woman Playing Accordion

Dining Out

Singer with Fan

Waiting for the Train

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