Friday, April 19, 2013

Adolphe Joseph Thomas Monticelli (October 14, 1824 – June 29, 1886)

Fishermen Lifting the Nets before the Storm, Coastal Scene


"I think of Monticelli terribly often here. He was a strong man–a little cracked or rather very much so–dreaming of the sun and of love and gaiety, but always harassed by poverty–of an extremely refined taste as a colourist, a thoroughbred man of a rare race, continuing the best traditions of the past. He died at Marseilles in rather sad circumstances, and probably after passing through a regular Gethsemane. Now listen, for myself I am sure that I am continuing his work here, as if I were his son or his brother."

Reverred by van Gogh, adored by the likes of Cézanne, today Monticelli is not only mostly forgotten, but quite often disliked when remembered. For me, his paintings are clearly fantastic combinations of classical themes and a completely novel style. Where does all the dislike arise from?

The Hay Card




Various Flowers 

Visit to a Princess


The Adoration of the Magi



  1. Hello! So glad to see you are back and posting on a regular basis once again! I visited this blog on a whim today and was so pleased that I had not missed out on too much (being that you had just started back up five days ago). Oddly enough, I had previewed this site last year in April too. Though my comment did not register then, I had passed on my regards and do the same today. Hope you are well and continue to find joy in this side project of yours- entrancing viewers with occasional glimpses of greatness though art.

  2. Hi Michelle. Thanks so much for your lovely comment. I'm glad you're back with me, and I hope that you can find some pleasure in my upcoming posts. As for whims, I'm glad they keep leading you back here.