Monday, April 15, 2013

Are You Still Waiting?

The Fire in the Borgo

To everyone who is still out there and waiting for an update or simply coming to view this site for the first time, hello! 

I had intended to write daily articles when I posted on here last April, but, unfortunately, I soon encountered many unintended obstacles. The foremost, as the picture above hints, was a fire. (I've found that fires are not most terrible in the number of objects they consume, but in the amount of time they consume.) I won't get into the details of it, as I would hate to encumber this blog with a depressing post, but I will discuss a few changes.

One change has been, and I think this is less depressing and more clerical, my financial situation. So, while I'm not dying on the streets, a little extra capital would be nice. That is why I have a new link/image on the right side, furnished by Peter Paul Rubens, which can accept donations into my PayPal account. They are not donations in the tax-deductable sense (I believe they are considered gifts in the US and certain other countries), but I would highly appreciate any amount you would be willing to give, only, of course, if you can truly spare to give. I have also thought about including  one or a couple of advertisements on the site, but I'm not yet sure I'll do so, unless I can make it work well aesthetically.

Ultimately, if you don't care to send any money by PayPal or click on any advertisements, which may never appear anyway, that's perfect for me too, as I'm just glad to be back to sharing art with you. 

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