Thursday, February 17, 2011

Paolo Uccello (1397 – December 10, 1475)

St. George And The Dragon

Some news! Recently I got an email from Cate Newton, over at Online Courses, which informed me that I made the top 5 of a list of the best 50 art blogs on the net (click on the word list to check out the article). Obviously, I'm very flattered that they recognized this blog and thank them for the notice. 

Now, a few quick words on Paolo Uccello, the great Early Renaissance painter. Uccello is one of the Renaissance painters who most evinces the strong influence that Gothic Art played on the future period. Whereas some Early Renaissance painters, such as Botticelli, had moved considerably away from many of the  aesthetic choices of Gothic Art, Uccello utilized a lot of Gothic devices and fashions, which created a sense of transition in his art works between Gothic Art and the matured works of the Renaissance. 

Scenes from the Life of the Holy Hermits
c. 1460

The Hunt in the Forest

Niccolò da Tolentino Leads the Florentine Troops

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