Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Henri Martin (August 5, 1860 - November 12, 1943)

Olive Trees by the Sea

The posts a bit late today, but better late than never. Anyway: Martin: Martin was never one to create a revolution in the art world, but he was a painter that consistently created wonderful pieces. It seems almost condescending to say of Martin that he was a capable artist, because capability isn't enough to make art, but, among greats such as Gauguin and van Gogh, he doesn't quite stand out. Yet there is a wonderful beauty to a great many of his works; a beauty, which was recognized among his fellow artists, but never quite in an uproar. 

Ducks on the Vert

Laborers Prepare the Vines in Quercy

Vase of Flowers
c. 1910




  1. truly renewing life stuff.

    I bet you have it in you to come out of this life the best of beings

    spirituallity and happyness are what go taste is.

  2. Thank you for your kind words, anonymous individual.