Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Peter McArdle (December 17, 1965)

Artist and Model

McArdle was one of the founders, and now an expat, of the Stuckist movement. Stuckism is the reaction of a group of British painters to Conceptual Art, which the painters viewed as a charlatan affair; in turn, they proposed figurative painting as a superior alternative. While Stuckists share a set of ideological similarities, their styles radically differ; for example, McArdle is a Surrealist with American Realist overtones, others are Expressionists, Pop Artists, etcetera; but all of them despise Conceptual Art. Whatever you may think of Conceptual Art, you can't say the Stuckists lack an ethos. And McArdle's one of my favorites from the movement. He has a Myspace account (people still use Myspace?), which you should visit if you want to see more examples of his art. 

Venice 2

Woman Reading

He Is Dancing

Seated Figure 10am 

Silence Between

Strange Love

An Annunciation

Nude - Head and Shoulder