Monday, May 16, 2011

Paul Delaroche (July 17, 1797 – November 4, 1856)

Young Christian Martyr

Paul (or Hippolyte) Delaroche was one of the more respected Academic Painters, who, as I've expressed before, are an unfairly maligned group; and it was his Romanticism which led to his greater acclaim. It's not surprising that there are strong, often overwhelming, Romantic elements in his paintings, as he closely associated with Romantic painters, such as Delacroix. There is something very soft about many of his works, a particular blending of idealism with realist details, that I find very appealing; to point, his piece, Young Christian Martyr, when compared to the similar, in period and concept, Ophelia of the Pre-Raphaelite Millais, while not as great a technical achievement, has for me a much greater soul. 

Napoleon Crossing the Alps

The Execution of Lady Jane Grey

Marquis de Pastoret

Joan of Arc in Prison

Portrait of Henrietta Sontag

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