Thursday, May 19, 2011

Paul Ranson (March 29, 1864 – February 20, 1909)

Nabi Landscape

Ranson was one of the central Nabi painters. In fact, he started the Académie Ranson with his wife, Marie-France Ranson; the school espoused the Nabi cause, and served as a haunt for famous Nabi painters to congregate, teach and attend. Though Ranson was intimately linked with the Nabi, a great portion of his style was derived from Japanese influences, with the two forms joining into something that appears nearly to be a part of the Art Nouveau movement. A very central and strange artist.

Three Beeches
c. 1905


The Bathing Place or Lotus

c. 1902

The Clearing or Edge of the Wood
c. 1895

Three Bathers Among the Irises
c. 1900


  1. Sally, thanks for the comment and stopping by.

  2. so often for me, i read much into a painters signiture, lately, i see suicide every where.

    but this guy still has something of the normal in him, by normal of course, i mean life has hope and a tad of eternity in.

    so take a nap, and relax

  3. I see what you mean, but for me the relaxed characterization extends to Nabi artists in general.