Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Christian Schad (August 21, 1894 – February 25, 1982)

Portrait of Dr. Haustein

Schad is one of the most important figures the New Objectivist movement, though unlike many of his contemporaries, Dix, Grosz, etc., he was not vilified by the Nazis. I think when held relative to other artists in New Objectivity, Schad has a much sharper style, which was influenced by his love of certain painters, such as Raphael; yet he still manages to include a great amount of subversive and symbolic elements in his works, which makes them absolutely wonderful, often macabre, pieces. 

Agosta, the Winged Man, and Rasha, the Black Dove

Maria and Annunziata from the Harbor

Self-Portrait with Model


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